Introducing the 3 step model for player retention

/ 23 January 2020

At 3radical we are experts in engagement and retention, which coincidentally is becoming the new strategy focus for gambling operators and brands in 2020.

We have been working in the gambling industry for a few years now and it’s safe to say we have seen the industry face quite a few challenges in that time. Acquisition costs have skyrocketed, new legislation has been introduced and even more negative attention has faced the industry (rightly so) with regards to protecting players. 

Following our work with a number of different gambling operators and brands we have come up with our very own ‘3 Step Model for Player Retention’, see below: 

View the Player Retention in Gambling infographic below:
Player Retention in Gambling infographic

We understand that for operators within the gambling industry to responsibly compete they need to fully understand their player which is why our 3 step model focuses so heavily on effective data collection. In our opinion you must know your customer to entertain and protect your player.  However, simply collecting data is not enough. It must be collected in real time, in an entertaining way that offers a two-way value exchange. 

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