Earning Data and Improving Engagement for FKA Brands’ HoMedics

/ 17 June 2020

How We Are Deploying Interactive Mechanics to Earn Data and Improve Engagement for FKA Brands’ HoMedics

Bringing a transparent approach to earning customers’ data to the center of HoMedics’ marketing strategy

We are so excited to start discussing our newest partnership with FKA Brands’ HoMedics, who have been helping customers achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and effectively deal with everyday issues like joint and muscle pain, air quality, home relaxation and more.  A recent standout has been their market leading products for UV cleaning and sanitization that are showing incredible growth in these unprecedented times.

FKA Brands is seeking to improve the efficacy of its brand by introducing customers to the full array of products and wellness collections they provide, while educating them on how to take a more holistic approach to health in the home and beyond.

Identifying the gaps, opportunities, and needs

Like so many brands, FKA realized to do so requires a new approach in several areas like data, technology, experience design, promotion management, and shifting from discrete sets of one-directional marketing communications to 2-way communications that create mutual value exchange with customers and prospects while establishing longer term, active relationships.

Based on current business trends, 3radical is helping FKA Brands’ HoMedics achieve several key goals:

  • Maximize and amplify demand capture from existing efforts
  • Drive increased customer file health through reducing customer attrition rates
  • Improve Sales Per Customer and Lifetime Value by creating additional transaction, frequency, order value, and profitability 

Additionally, by providing specific strategies to shift from channel-based to customer-centric marketing planning, operations, and analysis, 3radical is helping FKA Brands build targeted and strategic earned data sets that increase customer insights, financial forecasting, and experience planning.

Innovative solutions that create real business impact

The partnership is targeting the launch of a series of proven tactics leveraging board games, instant win, progressive profiling, and social advocacy mechanics to engage customers while providing a mutual value exchange. These mechanics work to incentivize customers to continue engagement and provide unique data insights that can be used to continually iterate and improve business and marketing performance.

Tailored interactive mechanics encourage repeat traffic and active, permissioned engagement with the brand that is measured over months and weeks, not just days.  By incorporating promotional and non-promotional incentives to customers to share relevant information about their reasons for shopping with HoMedics, proprietary insights will be added to traditional clickstream and web event data. This produces truly differentiating insights and action plans that set HoMedics apart from its competition and position the brand for long-term scale and efficiency.

Instant win and sweepstakes style promotions will create incentive and conversion without reliance on 3rd party sites, like expensive affiliates, while allowing HoMedics to link experiences together in a seamless fashion. By driving more efficient use of promotional dollars and increased engagement with marketing communications, HoMedics can move beyond the standard batch and blast tactics.

Supporting and providing mutual value incentives for advocacy via social sharing and referral programs will be a key driver allowing FKA Brands’ customers to market on their behalf, beyond traditional direct marketing programs.  Creating the ability to earn, share, redeem, and even gift incentives to others as rewards, contributes to an ever-growing earned data set.  Helping to share the HoMedics message of creating a healthy home and lifestyle provides a level of direct customer interaction and support that goes far beyond the traditional like/share buttons of the past.

Supporting and ensuring success together

Ensuring success for FKA Brands’ HoMedics means doing more than deploying technology.  It means developing a partnership that is built around the business model and outcomes clients are seeking. And the type of real-world operational, strategic expertise that helps a brand adjust to changes in planning, operations and decisioning are so critical to unlocking the ROI from such a focused investment.

By aligning ourselves and tying our financial success to that of our client, we have established a model that focuses all teams, resources, and efforts on the things that maximize true value for everyone. Driving to incremental lifetime value, market share, and top as well as bottom line business performance, ensures 3radical is only successful if FKA Brands is successful.

Making sure that happens is the role of the Radical Network.  A market-first approach – our collection of seasoned digital strategists and consultants have deep, real-world experience building and deploying award winning and transformative marketing programs, customer experiences, and data, as well as technology, initiatives.  By aligning this certified, yet independent, group of experts to client engagements, we are able to ensure FKA Brands gets the most up-to-date strategic advice that is deeply rooted in 3radical capabilities, with realistic, honest, and no-nonsense guidance that can be trusted, as well as proven to work.

Watch this space!

As we continue deploying and building game changing experiences founded in fully-permissioned earned data capture and mutual value exchanges with customers for increased brand engagement, we look forward to sharing more successes.  If you’d like to learn more about how 3radical is helping HoMedics achieve its business goals, how we align with client business models, and connect software and service in ways that are truly transformative, don’t hesitate to reach out!

In the meantime, want to check out an example of the Voco Interactive mechanics for yourself? Click here

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