­­How to Inspire Employees

/ 8 February 2022

The goal of employee engagement is to help organizations attract and retain top talent, while ensuring these high-value employees work effectively and perform at their best. Inspired employees are the most motivated and therefore the best performers. They will put in extra effort, be eager to help other employees, and will be more proactive when it comes to learning and development.

Here’s some easy ways you can help inspire your employees:

1 – Listen

The extent to which employees feel listened to by managers and feel that their opinions can be voiced without consequence, is hugely impactful on employee engagement. When workers feel able to discuss their ideas, they can be more creative and innovative in their day-to-day work and feel motivated to meet company and personal goals.

Feeling like managers listen to the opinions and concerns of employees is critical, as it can help build a trusting employee<->employer relationship. Workers need to trust that their managers are dependable and reliable, and that they will follow through on their promises. A simple gamified employee survey is a great way to help you monitor employee engagement levels and help you understand your workforce in a fun and engaging way. Click here to learn more about 6 employee engagement survey questions to ask to get you started.

2 – Encourage a fun working environment

An ‘all work no play’ culture is certainly not going to create an inspired team. Utilizing gamification to create interactive experiences in the workplace can help your employees feel relaxed, appreciated and productive. By making daily work tasks more fun and engaging, employees physical, mental, and social wellbeing can be dramatically improved.

Happy employees care about their team’s success and are more invested in their job. Employees who feel included and enthusiastic are also more likely to stay with their employers leading to the added benefit of cost and time saving. By involving employees in fun, challenging, and competitive activities, performance will be boosted and team relationships, and communication will improve, which is even more important now with the majority of employees either adopting remote or hybrid working weeks.

3 – Celebrate a job well done

To feel inspired, employees need to feel valued. Therefore, it is important you celebrate employee and team achievements. Encouraging effective communication in the workplace is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create a happy workplace, and the more transparent you are with your communication, the more engaged and immersed your employees will feel.

The dopamine hit received when we are rewarded for a job well done encourages employees to create a deeper emotional connection at work and build a long-term trust-based relationships. Employees want to receive positive feedback and this, coupled with the natural human instinct to compete, can encourage long-term positive behavior changes in the search for that next dopamine hit.

How 3radical can help you inspire your employees

At 3radical, we specialize in helping organizations elevate employee engagement and build stronger teams. With our help, you can drive deeper team engagement and leverage the power of technologies such as gamification and customized collaboration platforms. 

To find out more about how we can help you inspire your team , don’t hesitate to contact our team on info@3radical.com or request a demo of our unique Voco platform

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