How to increase employee loyalty in 2022

/ 11 January 2022

New Year, New You. It’s a phrase we hear a lot in January; and the beginning of a new year sees people starting fitness regimes, reducing bad habits, and even looking for a new role.

Since the pandemic, employees are leaving the workforce or switching jobs in droves”.

As all employers know, higher staff turnover leads to lower employee morale, loss of knowledge, and increased costs, which can result in lower profits. Loyal employees are not as likely to leave a company they trust.  One of the best ways to increase employee loyalty is to focus on employee engagement. To help your company increase employee loyalty, here’s three ways to kickstart or boost your employee engagement strategy in 2022:

Invest in Employee Training

It is no surprise that training is on the top of our list. However, we are not talking about implementing traditional training methods. Traditional approaches fall short for one simple reason – they are dull. Additionally, as more companies have had no choice but to adopt e-learning, the training process has only become even less engaging.

Gamified training is an alternative to traditional approaches and puts engagement at the center. To put it simply gamification is the use of game thinking and mechanics applied to non-gaming experiences, and, in this case, the training and development process. Doing so makes it more enjoyable, interesting and intrinsically (the satisfaction of taking part) and extrinsically (reward-driven) motivating. Gamification increases enthusiasm to complete training with a cycle of challenge, achievement, and reward. This tried-and-tested approach creates a value exchange, which incentivizes the completion of activities, consumption of learning materials, and – most importantly – boosts engagement, attention, and learning.

Ask for Feedback

If your employee is starting to rethink their job role, it could be that you don’t fully understand what your employee wants or how they feel. To develop effective engagement strategies, you need to gain insight into the professional needs of your employees, as well as their personal needs and priorities. A survey, which also incorporates gamified mechanics, is a great way to help identify employee problems and introduce a new way to open up the lines of communication between you and your employees.

When your employee feels like their views are being listened to, they will feel appreciated. And if they feel their needs are being met, they will become a loyal asset to your  organization.

Offer Feedback and Rewards

How will your employees know you appreciate them unless you tell or show them? In addition to collecting feedback yourself, providing an employee with personalized feedback and rewards for a job well done can be a powerful way to build engagement and motivation, while ensuring your employee feels recognized.

Employees want to feel engaged at work and motivated to complete tasks. When gamification mechanics are applied to the engagement process, employees are extrinsically motivated to practice certain workplace habits and behaviors when offered a rewarding experience, and intrinsically motivated through the satisfaction of taking part in a fun process. If implemented correctly, and with the right rewards – which can range from gamified quizzes with a points system and leader boards, to tangible prizes –   you will find employees are motivated to succeed, and very likely to remain at your organization.

How to Get Started

A loyal employee is one of the most valuable assets a company can have. Not only do loyal employees work harder and hold themselves accountable, they also form genuine bonds with their workplace and become personally and professionally invested in its success. By implementing a successful employee engagement process now, you can ensure you retain excellent talent and knowledge.

Gamification is one of the single most valuable tools you can leverage when it comes to employee engagement. 3radical can help your organization implement gamification mechanics specifically designed to encourage employee retention and loyalty.

If you would like to find out more about employee engagement, the team at 3radical is ready and waiting. Contact us today to arrange a consultation. 

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