How gamification enables brands to collect better customer data

/ 9 November 2020

Throughout retail, it is well known that by getting to know your customer and what products they are most interested in makes it easier to then tailor their buying experience with you. Doing so can create a more personalised relationship, leading to an increase in potential sales.

However, to successfully do this, you need data. 

The financial effect of COVID-19 has left many buyers feeling more cautious and disengaged when it comes to spending their money. Brands therefore need to begin collecting data and connecting with customers in a more exciting and interactive way. 

The good news is that gamification can help achieve this.

How gamification can help collect better data

Ultimately, gamification works by rewarding customers for sharing their personalised data where game-style mechanics are used to motivate and engage customers through a clear value exchange. 

By injecting fun and offering the chance for customers to earn exclusive rewards or experiences, it is incentivising and increasing the chances of them consenting to participate in volunteering their data in return. 

At 3radical we call this ‘Earned Data’ and by this we mean that the customer is given a clear choice to provide the brand with their information when they feel that it is valuable and beneficial to them – the brand has ‘earned’ their trust through valuable engagement.

What are the benefits of earned data?

Earned data is the most valuable data available to brands. It complies with GDPR in Europe and the CCPA in California and helps build trust and loyalty with consumers due to the transparency of its two-way interactive value exchanges. As consumers are now better at understanding the value of their data and how it benefits marketing for businesses, they will only share it with those brands they trust.

By being able to better understand customers on a more personal level, brands can use the data to tailor further offers based on customers’ likes and dislikes. Customers are more inclined to particiapte again and reveal even more personal data in hope for a continuation of improved rewards.

UK restaurant chain Bella Italia, part of the Casual Dining Group faced the same challenge as any other casual dining outlet –  how to increase retention and loyalty when there is high competition. They believed that if they could better understand their customers’ tastes, preferences and behaviour, they could increase customer loyalty.

Bella Italia approached 3radical to find an innovative and entertaining way to increase self-reported data acquisition and find out exactly who their customers are. 

Through the Voco platform, 3radical implemented a ‘Scratch and Win’ game on the Bella Italia website, where customers were offered daily plays for the chance to win prizes that could be redeemed at the restaurants. 

Based on a survey mechanic, each time a customer offered up an additional item of data, Voco allowed them to unlock an additional ‘scratch’. This encouraged prolonged engagement and higher data collection rates.

The game was well received by customers and helped collect over 6,000 additional data items which included date of birth, family details, menu preferences and preferred restaurant locations. In turn, this enabled Bella Italia to personalise its marketing messages with specific and targeted offers, customise its offerings to better suit its customer base and, ultimately, build stronger customer relationships.

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