Earned and transactional data give rise to genuine loyalty

/ 4 March 2020

Earned and transactional data, when combined, give rise to genuine loyalty

At the end of last month I was reading this article in iGaming Business with Alistair Boston-Smith from Bede where he talks personalisation, longer-term player value, and moving away from short-term acquisition. He explicitly says that “the operator must look to build the relationship with the player to build retention rates”. Everyone we’ve spoken to in the industry recently knows how passionate we are about this – and that machine learning and targeted communications are a key part. 

Fundamentally, however, is that one-on-one dialogue. We’ve all had experiences of personalisation – Amazon frequently shows us products it thinks we might be interested in. Which works well until you’re ordering presents for other people or items on others’ behalfs. For instance, the champagne I ordered for a client, the thermometers for our Singapore office and the gaming mouse for my son; all of which are of interest and relevance to me at that time but don’t give you the bigger picture on me as an individual. It’s all based on transaction.  

Some brands send out coupons to drive short-term tactical sales. In Tesco they would stipulate that if a brand wanted to offer coupons to their Clubcard holders that around 30% of the intended coupon recipients would have to be existing customers of that brand. Which again is fine until you purchase a one-off product, like in my own personal example, I received an offer on pregnancy vitamins long after my twin sons were born. The coupon was not only unused but also led to quite a few (long) conversations with my husband about how twins were certainly enough! 

All transactional data is valid, incredibly insightful and great for personalisation, if used well. As Alistair says – “The industry needs to be proactive in using customer data and expertise to make timely interventions, utilising technologies”.  

Add to that, however, intent data or emotional sentiment and you have the bones of a relationship; a two-way conversation, showing interest in and concern for an individual. At 3radical we’re seeing increasing numbers of operators across the gaming world – bingo, casino and sportsbook – looking to drive longer-term, mutually beneficial relationships, and doing this by combining transactional data with real-time engagement and earned data, which the player has willingly given them about their preferences, their desires and their emotions. The earned and the transactional, when combined, give rise to genuine loyalty and proper value exchange, at the same time avoiding promotion abuse. When operators work with platform providers like Bede to personalise the transaction and then supplement with earned data then you have the best possible basis for player retention, player and operator loyalty. Furthermore, this keeps the focus on gaming, in whichever sphere, on being a form of entertainment, which certainly helps to take gambling out of the crosshairs.

For more information on how 3radical improves player retention through interactive, rewarding experiences please visit www.3radical.com

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