/ 29 July 2022

Driving Loyalty for The Works Stores with 3radical

Our journeys can drive down The Works Stores’ 49.95% bounce rate, increase repeat purchases, and create loyal customers. 

With rising acquisition costs and the impending end of cookies, CRM and Loyalty teams know customer retention is more important than ever. 

42% of consumers are less inclined to shop with brands that do not tailor or personalise their communications.
(3radical Consumer Survey, 2022). 

Consumers are looking for personalised, interactive, customer-driven shopping experiences.   

But it’s more than just a text message with their first name or an abandoned cart email, it’s understanding your customers’ needs, motivations, and intent. Why did they come to The Works Stores website at all? What is it they’re looking for? How can you ensure the most relevant products are displayed for each of The Works Stores’ 1.4 million monthly visitors? 

3radical’s adaptive, experiential customer journeys can answer all those questions and more, earning valuable zero-party customer data for The Works Stores. 

Still not sure if it’s right for The Works Stores? Here are the results from our campaign with North America’s largest arts and crafts retailer, Michaels: 

  • 80,000 unique emails reactivated ($400k value)
  • 41% of those that clicked the email engaged with the experience
  • 2,500 unique data points were captured 

We’ve run the numbers and a similar campaign for The Works Stores could be worth £539 thousand annually. 

Ready to hear more? Contact Rebecca Trivella:
email: rebecca.trivella@3radical.com | tel: 00 44 7534308464

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