Becoming 3radical CEO

/ 16 September 2020

Becoming 3radical CEO: Accelerating growth and entering new markets

As of this week, David Eldridge moves to the Chairman position and I step into the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) role at 3radical, continuing our long and fruitful partnership as we continue to develop the North American market and further global growth.

David will remain very much involved as Chairman and I’m delighted to be working directly with him again, as we did at Alterian, as we realize the huge potential 3radical has in the world of engagement and data which is in massive transformation.

I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to lead 3radical at this time and I want to explain why.

3radical has a ton of momentum right now and we are laser focused on working with brands that embrace digital engagement and earned data to achieve amazing things.

The 3radical Voco platform, which engages individuals and incentivizes them to volunteer their data through genuine value exchanges, is gaining a lot of attention especially at a time of increased consumer expectation and when data scraping and inference is being reduced through regulation and consumer sentiment.

That’s great!

But our client strategy remains crystal clear; continue adding organizations that are really willing to put their audiences front and center and disrupt long established data collection practices. This is so important because we not only want to form long and highly successful partnerships, but because these organizations will be the shining examples by which we inspire entire industries to embrace a new, more effective approach to audience understanding and engagement.

Giving Assistant is exactly the type of client that gets us out of bed in the morning and a perfect example of an ideal 3radical Voco customer engagement client. The organization makes it easy for shoppers to earn cashback on purchases, and to donate part of (or all of) their savings to good causes. Over $5.7 million has been donated so far, in large part because of the application of motivational sciences and game science mechanics to do good. Voco is there to ‘earn data’ from users at the beginning of their journeys and to help deliver sophisticated progression models as a result. The relationship wasn’t brought about by coincidence however, it was very much a result of our unified client strategy – we’ve extremely proud to work with Giving Assistant. 


Why we will succeed

So much of modern data acquisition is horribly inefficient. People turn things off, they delete without opening, they unsubscribe, they block noise. Frustration rises and ‘response rates’ fall. Consumers are followed around online, marketers get hung-up on vanity metrics, and personalization efforts leave people more disenfranchised than ever (if you’re ‘following’ consumers with ads for things they have already bought, that’s not personalization, it’s not clever or smart. It’s the opposite). Even businesses investing a lot of money in employee engagement tools, are missing the opportunity to engage and learn about their employees,

We need to change that. 3radical’s technology and approach is fundamentally different and something which industry veterans and forward looking brands quickly see the value of and get behind. As a result, we’re fortunate enough to attract extremely experienced data and engagement professionals who are part of a team of experts motivated to help clients achieve real change in the way businesses interact with people. Our roster of fantastic clients around the world including the likes of DBS Bank (recently voted the Worlds Best Bank based on its digital transformation), FKA Brands/HoMedics, Standard Chartered Bank, Rank, JPJ/Gamesys,  National Australia Bank and others are trailblazers in how they engage individuals and we are proud to work with them.

We want individuals to be able to interact with organizations on their own terms. That’s new and exciting, particularly to those who are all too aware of the limitations of legacy approaches.  

As I take-up the position of CEO, I certainly don’t take the role lightly. To me, it’s not about the technology and it’s not about the data – it’s about the people. It’s about the people we interact with: our fantastic customers and their audiences, our shareholders and stakeholders who support our vision, and of course the incredible people within our own company.  Ultimately, it will always come down to the people as we continue to build a world class team to deliver upon our ambitious goals.

We won’t be for everyone and we’re ok with that, but we stand poised ready to help those organizations embracing individuals and who are engaging them in ways befitting of organizations that truly care, and who want to achieve great things.

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