10 Knock-On Benefits of Employee Engagement

/ 20 April 2021

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of high employee engagement. Researchers found that, in a study of companies with over 500 employees, 71% of managers felt that employee engagement was of critical importance to overall company success. With engaged, enthusiastic employees, businesses benefit from improved productivity and efficiency, and a lower rate of staff turnover. This translates into higher customer retention and better company profits. Plus, engaged employees are happier overall, both in their work life and personal lives.

At 3radical, we understand the many upsides of engaging every company employee. Workers today are looking to align themselves with the ethos and objective of the company for which they work – it’s about more than a 9-to-5 job. With high staff motivation, excellent levels of work involvement, and dedication to the organization, employees generate cumulative impacts that can positively transform businesses. Read on to discover the top 10 benefits of high employee engagement.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement has many definitions, but research consistently shows that it refers to the emotional connection an employee feels towards their workplace. This in turn influences their work behavior, which can include their enthusiasm and inspiration, the pride and effort put into work, and the energy brought to places of work.

Organizations with highly engaged employees create conditions that enable each worker to be as committed and motivated as possible, able to give their best on a day-to-day basis while benefiting from a supportive environment that prioritizes wellbeing.

High employee engagement: 10 benefits

Motivated workers

When workers feel valued by their employer, they are more likely to ascribe meaning to their work. This sense of purpose will drive employees to feel motivated by their work, and take pride and feel satisfaction in getting it done to the highest standard. Different employees will derive meaning and purpose in different ways, but these factors have a significant impact on the engagement of employees.

Improved employee health & safety

The assumption that workplaces with high stress and pressure levels pushes employees to work harder, better, and faster is inconsistent with research. Engaged employees are better connected to their place of work, which means they’re more aware of their surroundings. This translates to 70% fewer workplace employee safety incidents. When workers feel that they are psychologically safe – instead of worrying about whether their boss likes them or managing negativity – they are more productive.

On top of that, workers are less likely to be obese or suffer from a chronic illness when supported by engaged workplaces. This ensures that employees are better able to make meaningful business contributions.

Higher sales and profitability

Research shows that highly engaged organizations achieve a 10% higher score from customers, and a subsequent increase in sales when compared to less organized peers. Equally, organizations with significantly engaged employees average around 17% higher productivity than disengaged competitors, resulting in a 21% higher profitability.

Effective leadership

Available, approachable, and accessible leaders pay off. Engaged leaders create engaged employees, which in turn boosts morale and contributes to a sense that workplace leaders are dependable and reliable, and that they act in employees’ best interests.

Trust in managers

If it’s important for Senior Management Teams to be involved, it’s equally critical for managers. The employee-manager relationship is a vital factor in employee engagement, and in overall business success. Managers who act as coaches for employees help businesses to stay agile and lucrative. Real-time, regular, and constructive feedback encourages productivity in workers. In turn, this fosters a feeling that companies are invested in treating employees with fairness and respect.

Autonomous workers

When workers feel micromanaged, they are less likely to take initiative with a project. Supportive management creates engaged employees, which in turn promotes a sense of trust as workers feel free to manage their own time and apply their unique skillset to their work. Autonomous workers are therefore more likely to be invested in the company and its goals and objectives.

Happier and more satisfied employees

Employees are most engaged when they receive helpful, constructive feedback and are supported with the resources they need to achieve and excel at their goals. Improved manager-employee relationships thus ensures that employees are both more satisfied and happier with their work. Studies also show that engaged employees have happier home lives, which in turn promotes a healthier attitude and enthusiasm about work.

Lower absenteeism and employee turnover

Engaged employees care about their team’s success and are invested in their job. In turn, they are more likely to turn up for work – workplaces with high employee engagement have significantly lower absenteeism. Employees who feel utilized, enthusiastic, and challenged by their work are also more likely to stay with their employers. This leads to a cost saving for the company, eliminating the time and money required to hire new workers.

Better customer service

When workers are committed to a company, they act as brand ambassadors. This also affects how customers perceive a business, and customer service can make or break a company. If employees are engaged, they will care more about their jobs and therefore better serve customers – this positive trajectory in turn encourages customers to spend more of their money.

Creativity and innovation

Spirited and engaged employees bring that energy to the workplace. This passion then converts into more creative, dynamic ideas which can help to keep a company nimble and innovative. Research suggests that 78% of employees whose organizations encourage them to be creative are in turn more loyal, and more committed to maintaining a positive company involvement.

Ready to benefit from engaged employees?

From blue-chip corporations to family-owned cafes, employee engagement has an enormous impact on the overall success of any business. Employees are the bread and butter of most workplaces and the difference between engaged and disengaged workers is huge.

If you’re wondering how to optimize your organization and drive employee engagement, 3radical can help. We use cutting-edge solutions to maximize the wellbeing, productivity, and engagement of your workforce – contact us today to find out more.

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