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3radical Pte. Ltd. (“3radical”, “Company”) takes your privacy seriously and this policy sets out how the Company will store and process any personal information that we receive from Users through any of our websites, our mobile phone applications, or through any other method (combined, these sources are referred to as the ”Service”).

Users are encouraged to read this Privacy Policy thoroughly. Users who do not agree with the contents of this policy, or the Terms and Conditions for our apps, should not use the Service.

1. Information Collected

1.1 PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

Personal information (which identifies a User as an individual) that we may collect and process when you use the Service includes :

  • Personal Information that Users provide to 3radical through the Service. This includes (but is not limited to) information such as a Users name, email address and mobile phone number and any other information that the User chooses to make available to 3radical for example from their facebook account.
  • Activity Information that is generated and available to 3radical when Users interact with the Service in any way.
  • Location Information transmitted from a Users smart phone or other location aware device when they use the Service. 3radical only captures location information when Users accept an offer or start a location specific game.
  • Other Information that 3radical may receive from Users for example through email or via our website or facebook page.

3radical uses this information to deliver and improve the Service, including :

  • To enable Users to benefit from specific features in the Service including social media sharing, leader boards etc
  • For 3radical and Brands that a User has opted in to receive communications from to analyse data in order to improve the relevance of messages to Users
  • For 3radical to inform the User about Brands, offers and events via our Apps or any other channel of communication, unless the User has opted out of such channels
  • To enable Brands to send offers and promotions to Users through our Apps or any other channel of communication, provided that you have not out of receiving such messages from the specific Brand
  • To keep Users informed about the Service including new features and changes, and respond to feedback

1.2 Non-PII (Personally Indentifiable Information) Data

3radical will gather information that does not identify a User as an individual, such as information relating to :

  • Usage of the service including but not limited to information such as time spent in different games, Brands subscribed to, messages viewed.
  • The device that Users access the Service from including for example the IP address, type of device, browser and operating system.

Non-PII data may be used for a range or purposes, including :

  • To better understand the operation of the Service and make improvements to it
  • To generate statistics regarding the Service which may be shared or published, and compared to other market statistics
  • To monitor and optimise the performance of the Service

3radical may disclose the PII and Non-PII data to Brands as noted above, and if the Company is under a duty to disclose or share such information in order to comply with legal obligations, to enforce a License Agreement or the protect the rights of 3radical or others.

2. Social Network Integration

Users can link together their account with 3radical and their Facebook accounts. By linking a 3radical account to a Facebook account, you grant 3radical permission to access your Facebook profile information and the extent of such sharing shall be notified to the User when they link the accounts.  Users should ensure that they have set their desired privacy settings on their Facebook account, and have taken note of the relevant providers Data Use Policy for information on how your personal information is shared with the Service.

3. Data Transfer

Data transmitted over the Internet or any telecommunications network to or from the Service may not be secure. Once 3radical has received the data, the Company will use sophisticated capabilities and policies to seek to prevent unauthorized access and use. Users provide 3radical with their data at their own risk.

4. Location

3radical operates servers in different territories. Users personal information may be stored, accessed or transferred to different servers and providers in territories other than where the User resides. By providing 3radical with data, a User agrees to this.

5. Opting out, Deleting or Discontinuing Use of Data

A User can manage their data, and the Brands which they opt in to receive messages through our Apps or by contacting 3radical at If a User wishes to opt out from communications with 3radical, the provision of the Service will need to be discontinued.

A User may terminate their use of the Service and request that 3radical no longer uses their Personal Information. This request will be honored as soon as reasonably practicable, and bearing in mind that some data may need to be retained for a period of time for financial reporting and compliance purposes.

6. Updates to this Policy

Any updates to this Privacy Policy will be made through the Service, and 3radicals website. Any such changes will take effect immediately upon being made available in the Service and 3radicals website.

Contact ?Please contact us with any questions or comments regarding this policy at

May 2014

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